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DeepMind: The Podcast

What is artificial intelligence? Is it safe? How can it impact our lives? Mathematician and broadcaster Hannah Fry uncovers the extraordinary ways AI is transforming our world.

Season 1

World-class scientists and thinkers—many speaking publicly for the first time—explain the foundations of AI. They join Hannah as she explores the challenges the field wrestles with, and dives into research that’s led to breakthroughs like AlphaGo and AlphaFold.

In Season 2, I've gone back inside the lab... and, I must say, I've seen some pretty extraordinary things.

Hannah Fry
Mathematician and Podcast presenter

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I hope this series gives people a better understanding of artificial intelligence and a feeling for just how exhilarating an endeavour it is.

Demis Hassabis
Co-founder and CEO, Google DeepMind

Professor Hannah Fry posing outdoors. It's autumn – a tree in the background's leaves have turned golden brown.

About Hannah Fry

Professor Hannah Fry is an award-winning science presenter, public speaker, bestselling author, and academic known for her joyful ability to bring maths to life for audiences of all interests and abilities.

Hannah is a regular host of BBC programmes and podcasts and is a Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL.


A huge thank you to everyone who asked the questions that inspired us to make this podcast.

We’d also like to say thanks to our talented presenter, contributors and creative producers who helped craft the idea into the final programmes.

We really enjoyed making this podcast—and hope you enjoy listening to it.

Season 1

Presenter: Hannah Fry
Editor: David Prest
Series Producer: Louisa Field
Producers: Amy Racs, Dan Hardoon
Binaural sound: Lucinda Mason-Brown
Music composition: Eleni Shaw (with help from Sander Dieleman and WaveNet)

Season 2

Presenter: Hannah Fry
Series Producer: Dan Hardoon
Production support: Jill Achineku
Sounds design: Emma Barnaby
Music composition: Eleni Shaw
Sound Engineer: Nigel Appleton
Editor: David Prest

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